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Biker’s Calendar
Rusty Sprocket

Yesterday isn’t
a calendar square
yesterday is simply where
I was
five hundred hard miles ago

Tomorrow isn’t
what follows dawn
tomorrow is simply when
you wake
and find me gone

Today isn’t
any more than it might seem
today is simply
the ride in-between

All rights reserved/2008/r.sprocket



Been Down Some Roads
Rusty Sprocket

I’ve been down some roads
Gave me rides I can’t forget…
Rides so fresh and clear
They’re not even memories yet

I’ve been down some roads
I couldn’t find again…
Roads I didn’t want to leave
And didn’t want to end

I’ve been down some roads
Always ran into the wind
Roads running straight and true
Like a good-old friend

I’ve been down some roads
The like I’ve never, ever seen before
Where I’ve heard the night-time screams
Of those not riding anymore

I’ve been down some roads
Got deep under my scars and skin
That got me through some heavy times
And saved me from my ruin

I’ve been down some roads
That were a movin’ mob scene
And I’ve been down the lonely track
Where I’m the only one I’ve seen

I’ve been down some roads
So fine the wheels don’t seem to touch the tar
Like cruisin’ on a silver moonbeam
Or glidin’ on a star

I’ve been on a road or two…
Not ever too many though…
Roads enough to know what I’m knowin’
Roads enough to know I want to keep on goin’



Pondering “UP”
In response to K. Peddlar Bridges’ last line in BIKERS…
“…heaven is just one more gear UP!”
Rusty Sprocket

Riding North under a big sky
with the road to myself
I come upon a crossroad
with no light, no sign
but such an unassuming quietude about it
I pull my bike to a stop…
a righteous spot
to ponder some directions…

Pondering Far North---
up where you need ice spikes
in your tires just to get to
the next biker oasis
which is really just an igloo
with lousy coffee…not for me…
(more pondering…)

Pondering Far East---
but who needs the East when right here
on my arm in black and red and blue
I got what’s true
writ in my tattoo
and don’t need some guru
to sell me a clue…
no, I won’t be “Goin’ East”
(more pondering…)

Pondering West—
land of Big Sky
long roads
lonesome cowboys
quiet crossroads that are hubs
of one-horse towns with eight citizens…
been there—
Man…I’m there NOW!
(still pondering…)


“Just Feels Right”
Rusty Sprocket

He threw his leg over the worn
tan leather saddle
as he had
thousands of times before

His feet like magnets were drawn
to the footpeg rubbers worn
from his boots…
his right boot in turn
from the shift peg

And he smiled at his old thought…
“If I coulda just bought
right-footed boots
all these years
I coulda saved a bundle !”

The hard-rubber grips wore
the deep grooves
where his fingers had wrapped them
for three decades or more

In smooth motions
borne by second nature
his kickstart ritual was done
and the throaty idle begun…

All this in less time
than a bystander could have spelled

And as he flicked into first gear
(if you listened close)
you just might hear
what he always said
as his ride began..
“Just feels right.”



Me and the Moon
Rusty Sprocket

Me and the moon
took a ride last night
had the road to ourselves
got along alright

me in black leather
and scruffy jeans
moon in pale silver
like mystery and dreams

me rippin’ the road
near the center stripe
moon shadow kept pace
by the side of my bike

me one loud cruisin’
high-rollin’ biker
moon had me cast
as a gray-ghosted piker

me blastin’ pipes
in a two-lane barrage
moon ridin’ mute
as a midnight mirage…

Moon and me
took a ride last night
rode out together
got along alright





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