Easy Writer is a Biker Story section inspired by our friend Amy White. Here you will find writings about  the biker life style, and interviews with some famous, infamous bikers, and artist.

Amy White, Photo courtesy of The Picture Man

Somehow the deities of the asphault have reigned upon us the idea to paint the leather-clad beauty of the biker lifestyle in words... Our rumbling sojourn toward the display of freedom has led us to this latest feature, Easy Writer, beginning with various works of freelance writer and poet of the highway, Amy White, recently featured in several of our favorite biker rags, such as In the Wind, Easyrider, and Biker. She also works with "outlaw" biker singers, such as the David Allan Coe pieces shown here. Amy hails from the rolling deltas of south Arkansas, and portrays her 1%er lifestyle and southern heritage in each work.  She rides a '45 Harley/'69 VW trike, aka "Hell-ga", built ground up by Amy herself... the story for this bad ass trike can be found here for the very first time in print. She also shares a cool skull-covered sporty with her ol' man, Steve. 27 year old, 6 ft, red headed Amy also works full time in an auto parts store, and is still intricately entwined in her body shop roots. We hope you like her stories placed here for your enjoyment.  If ya do, give her a pat on the back at



Amy has a new book “Wicked Bitch” check it out at www.amyirenewhite.wordpress.com

The Stories


David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe “Biker” story

David Allan Coe at Fowlersville

More To Come


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