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Fox Creek Leather


Packing for the long hall.



  Remember my long trip to Canada and back? Pictured above was my bike laden down with everything I thought I needed for this 2 week trip. In and amongst all this stuff was two nylon travel bags from Fox Creek Leather. I know itís not a pretty sight, but I had it packed for comfort not looks. I had it packed so I had something to lean back on, and give me some lumbar support. The travel bags made it easy to pack, and organize my stuff.



 Above is what my bike, and bags would have looked like if it wasnít for the tent, sleeping bag, ground cloth, and bungee cords holding it all together as a lounge chair/bucket seat.



 The bags are made from durable water-resistant nylon, and come with enough velcro straps, D rings, snap buckles and belts that you can mount it to any bikeís sissy bar, and frame.



  Included is a flap that zips down over the sissy bar for a cleaner look. Not to mention more than enough pockets inside and out to keep things separated and organized. In just one year these bags have seen many a mile, and are holding up well considering the abuse Iíve put them through.



I have the two piece set which includes a large sissy bar pack and a detachable roll bag. Each bag is padded and lined with weather-resistant vinyl. The larger bag measures: 16"W x 19"H x 10"D; while the small roll bag measures: 16"W x 10"H x 10"D. This makes it even more versatile for long and short trips.


  If you are considering a trip check out Fox Creek Leather for all kinds of storage ideas. Not to mention their made in the USA leathers.


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Fox Creek Leather

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