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  Iron Horse Magazine has been around for a long time. In fact one of itís founders road off to start another fine magazine as The Horse of a different color. Over the years it went through many changes, some good, some not to the liking of itís followers. Lately itís got a real kick of horse power. Allot of itís new octane came from the amazing energy of itís new editor Todd Ingram AKA Magnum TI.


  I met Todd last winter when he asked to do a feature of my old school photos in issue 11. Right from the start he impressed me with his love of old American iron. His influence has put a new spin on this old magazine. It may not be for everyone, but it is bringing allot of new blood into the old school motorcycle world. Not just the USA, but the whole freaking world.


  I went to a party in Washington, DC that Iron Horse put on. I would have ridden my one and only, but it shit the bed. I was in a funk all I wanted to do was party, I didnít even bring my camera. As it turned out I should have, because what showed up in the poring rain was some young bloods from the Big Apple riding some righteous hard tail sleds. One of the bikes went beyond hard tail, itís seat was a metal pan, no springs, no padding. It was one of those rides folks look at and say ďhow the F#CK does he do that. These guys had their shit bungied to their handle bars, and were off on a long ride down south. No trailers, no crash truck, just brass balls and a love for their bikes. Brought a lump to my throat, made me think of the old days.


  This is the new wave of the old school. And Iron Horse is part of it. Some may not like their head banging music, but damn itís great to see folks under fifty getting into what we used to do back in the 60ís and 70ís.








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