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Fox Creek Leather

Papaís Got Brand New
Fox Creek Leather Saddlebags
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Itís a new year, and after spiffing up the my bike, she didnít look quite right with old cheap Saddlebags. Seeing how I was already the proud owner of some Fox Creek Leathers, the choice was easy. I figured the throw over fat boys would fit her nice. Damn, if they didnít, and made her a bit more sexy.

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When they showed up, I was a little hesitant to put them on my bike. I knew what was in store for them, and they were too nice to screw up. The leather and craftsmanship was like fine luggage, not that I own any, but I do like smelling it when Iím forced to go to the mall. Ask anyone who knows me what kind of dirt ball I can be, and Iíll ride in all kinds of weather. These bags have met there match. I was planning on photographing them before messing them up, but life happens, and it was almost a thousand miles of mixed weather before I could get some good shots. With a little wiping off they looked brand new.

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Fox Creek only uses the best leather, and USA craftsman to produce the highest quality biker gear around. If you donít believe me, ask anyone who owns it. Yes they cost more than cheap, smelly imports, they are worth it. But in many case, Fox Creek Leathers are less expensive than other brand name imports sold in fancy dealerships. You can spend more, but you will not find any better.

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Fox Creek uses hard rubber backing and a stiff plastic insert to ensure that they hold their shape. The yoke of the bag is adjustable to fit well under or over your seat. Sewn into the the back of each bag are strips of polypropylene webbing. Ties are included to anchor the webbing directly to the bike's frame.

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These saddlebags arenít just pretty, they are functional too. Under the flap you will find a zippered full weather flap that keeps out rain, and dust. An out side, full length, zippered pocket is great for those things you need to get to regularly. That way you donít need to dig through the bag to find maps, gloves and the like.

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An inside zippered pocket makes a nice place to store valuables.

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Fox Creek uses only premium top grain cowhide. They also do a fine job of weather proofing it to keep the elements out. For more information on everything you wanted to know about The Fox Creek Crew, leather, and their high quality Made In The USA products, visit their web site.

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Truly, the quality goes in, before the label goes on, and Fox Creek Leathers guaranties that for life.

Yes, they also have No-yoke Saddlebags, Zip-off with Handles Saddlebags, and all the Help & Tips to make sure they fit correctly. Donít worry, if all else fails they are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee, and a Hassle Free Full Refund. The only thing missing is Fox Creek installing them. Even I could handle that.

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"Leather to Last a Lifetime"
Fox Creek Leather
821 Fox Creek Rd
Independence, VA 2434

Made In The USA


living the life
30 years in the making, you can order here


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Fox Creek Leather

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