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When Sam saw all the alligators
sunning themselves along I-95
he watched the road  a lot more carefully,
wonders if they know what
Harley riders taste like.
But they thinned out
by the time he got to Titusville.
Rented a space at the KOA
and had dinner at Dixie Crossroads.
All the Rock Shrimp you can eat
for nine-ninety-five.
When the waitress asked,
"You want baked potato
or rice pilaf with that?"
Sam said, "No thanks."
Knows he hurt 'em,
but doesn't feel guilty,
figures those six dozen
little fellas didn't die in vain.

Had to wait three days for the next
shuttle launch, so there was
plenty of time to get more tan
out on Playalinda beach.
Liked it there, no stores,
no bars, no condos, no motels.
Only distraction was that bunch
of really ugly nudists on the north end.
They were old, too fat, too skinny,
too hairy, too many teeth,
not enough teeth,
just butt ugly!
Figured he ought to tell 'em,
but that'd be something they should already know.
Got to thinkin', still wonders if any
regular lookin' people
take off all their clothes in public.

When the shuttle got about seventy degrees up,
just before it made that roll,
the sound thundered in
and rumbled his bones for about
eight or ten seconds,
Sam liked that.
Said, "I sure miss Louise."


While Sam was gone,
Joe stayed busy.
Wired the dragon's den to code,
got it inspected and all hooked up.
So when Sam got back from Florida
the Monday before Thanksgiving,
he found a major party happenin'
out there around the barn.
Joe had laid out about six
sheets of plywood to dance on,
Louise's stereo was set up
playin' some good ol' Rock'n Roll,
A fire was blazin'
in the middle of the driveway,
and folks were dancin' like crazy.
When the huggin' and kissin'
was all taken care of,
Sam let out a whoop,
grabbed Louise,
and before the night was over,
he'd worked out all the kinks,
Louise laughed, winked her eye,
and had reason to whoop
a few times herself.



Sam slept late Thursday morning,
enjoyed the feather warmth
in that little space he occupied
next to Louise.
Peeked through the lids of his eyes,
stretched arms and legs;
poked his feet into the cold
just beyond the edge of comfort,
enjoyed a delicious shiver and pulled back.
Rolled to spoon,
pulled her round bottom close,
circled her bellybutton
with his fingertip.
Drifted a little up,
a little down.
Listened for the purr
that always came just before
she rolled over so they could lose
time itself, falling headlong
through  looking glass eyes,
gold frosting the arch of her back.
knees under his arms,
legs curled back along his sides
bare in the cold air.
Later, when she climbed down soft
to the floor, tied his robe at her waist,
and went out,
pausing at the window,
Sam wondered the name
of those smoky wisps
flying free in the sun
at the nape of her neck.


r vol lindsey volwizard@msn.com

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