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Chapter 2

Sam's best friend is Joe.
Joe's been on the road for years now,
lookin' for elves.
Sometimes he finds one,
and they talk awhile.
Everyone except Sam thinks he's crazy.
Joe still has all his hair, but it's gray as churt,
like his beard.
When Joe and Sam get together,
they drink nut brown beer
and have a good laugh.
Joe doesn't need a lottery ticket,
and he never adds shit to the bucket.


One time Joe was comin' down
the mountain from Red River,
got caught in a thunderstorm.
Lightening was knockin' down trees
and loosenin' stones on the cut
so they rolled right out in front of him.
He was dodgin' wood and rock
for all he was worth.
Says he felt like an ant
on a New York sidewalk.
When he got to the bottom,
He pulled off in a meadow
where somebody'd made a scrap-iron
and danced till he was dry.


About a mile down the road from Sam
near The Buzzard's Roost,
lives a little old lady named Lura.
She raised six of the meanest boys
and two of the prettiest women
that county had ever seen.

Lura lets Sam use some of the space
in a freezer she keeps in the smokehouse
behind her cottage, and Sam helps with her yard.
He takes her to town to buy what she needs
or visit Doc Snow
and brings her the medicine she wants,
Dr Pepper and the like,
she says "I need my tonic, honeychild,
or the day just goes too long."
Sam says, "Yes, Ma'am."
Figures she's paid enough dues
to think what she wants.

Anyway, her laugh sounds like
an excited crow, and she thinks
her boys would like him,
he'd be welcome to come for Thanksgiving dinner,
an he can bring that pretty little Louise, too,
"Caw aww aww!"
Sam can't wait.


Sam built his barn the same way as his house,
only on the ground.
Made it out of scrap lumber and tin roofing
from fallen out-buildings some farmers didn't want.
Took some figurin' to plan out
that gable roof.
Keeps feed and tools out there.
And his motor.
It's decorated with rusty farm equipment
abandoned by his neighbors and nailed to the walls.
Sam likes the look of it out there
under the shade of those cedar trees.



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