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Louise ain't no elf,
Sam says she is a whole other species,
calls her a "freebird."
Sometimes she just flies away
and when she comes back
she has things to say.
So Sam walks with her
and listens.
He is in love with her voice,
says it sounds like water
splashing over rocks.
She tells him what she saw
and what she thought about it.
but never invites him along.
Sometimes when she is out there,
she thinks of him,
thinks of what makes him laugh
and smiles to herself.
Once she bought him a little silver dragon
to wear around his neck,
He thinks it's magic
and reminds him of the elves.
Sometimes when he wears it,
he can look down
and see it lying on her breast.



Sam learned about life
from the books he'd read.,
but he learned how to live
on the road,

"You meet a lot of people on the road."
says, "Everybody knows something,
and most of them are lookn'
for someone to tell."
He likes to listen.
Sam learned most of what they know
is just more shit for the bucket
which has made him learn
where all the good bathin' cricks are.

He says you can see stuff from the road,
like how deep the desert sky can get.
A sky like that always makes him laugh.

Once he found a lottery ticket.
Three hundred eighty-four thousand dollars.
That's a lot of money,
figures he can live forever on it.
If he's careful.
Sam is careful not to laugh about that.



When Sam first found out
he won the lottery,
he rode all the way back to the mountains
of East Tennessee.
Said he had to get away
from all the racket,
but it just came with him.
So he parked under a cut,
by Dead Man's Curve,
jumped off, and ran through the woods.
About a hundred yards in,
he broke through some bushes
to a clearing and in the middle
there was an old red oak
that spread out about thirty yards
its trunk as big as a house
the bottom limbs so thick
their own weight pulled them down
toward the ground before
they could sweep back up
at the perimeter.
Sam says it's what saved him.
Says, "I just climbed right up
one o' those limbs,
laid back against the trunk,
and listened to its song
'till I fell asleep."
Next day, Sam went to the courthouse
to find the owner.
Bought all hundred and nine acres for
fifty-two thousand dollars.
Old man Morton laughed about it
when he told his buddies what that
damn stupid hippie from out west
had paid.
Sam went home
and took a bath in his very own crick.

Vol Lindsey


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