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Biker Nation
~By Sorez The Scribe

A call to arms went out
War has been declared
Once again
Even greybeards retired
Found their Colors
To proudly wear
Once again
War has been declared

Rico tried and failed
The Feds infiltrated
Sat and watched
As chaos ensued
Bad enough many of us
Were taken out by cagers then
One by one we started to fall
By another Brothers hands

War has been declared
Once again
But this time it's different
We finally smartened up
Our own worst enemies
Came together
All of us Independants
As well as Patched

To fight tall and proud
One more time
A duel to death
Finality for all concerned
The world was watching
As all Clubs converged
Upon Central Park
New York City

Not enough cops in this world
To cover this tragic event
Even the undercover Feds
Stepped aside in stride
As the helicopters hovered
Up above shining lights down
Prospects attending to watching
Thousands of parked Rides

Center stage of the bandshell
It started to happen
One by one Brothers confessed
Their sins on the microphone
For all attending to hear
Proud and ready weapons drawn
Colors shown with pride
Ready to live on or ready to die

One by one for many hours
Many spoke their peace
Even some Brothers in wheelchairs
Found their way onstage
Not a drop of blood was shed
That night our fight Righteous
All attending found themselves wearing
A Biker Nation Patch


~By Sorez The Scribe

War is a fucked up thing
For a person to go through
In the middle of it all
They negotiate a peace
But in the meantime
The brutalities of War are reality

The scars of War are not easily seen
Only a person who has been there
Can really relate to the situation
Only if you have been there
Can you feel the pain
That another combat Vet still feels

It's a fucked up thing
When the next generation
Is consistantly told that
War is a good thing
And they believe the lies
Just like we did
Not too many years ago before
Right before we went to War

(Much Respect To Outlaw Biker Magazine and V-Twin Biker)
(For Publishing this Piece past and forward beyond)


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