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Graveled Roads
~Sorez The Scribe

Riding on a graveled road
Spinning tires kicking up stones
The beaten path I travel upon
Even with wind my nerves wonít calm
Looking for blacktop around the bend
The road it used to be my friend
Self medicating to ease the pain
Liquor, pills, and cocaine
Bottles empty they aint half full
When I lost love I lost it all
Even the respect I had for myself
Unworthy unwanted all alone
Riding upon those graveled roads





Forward.. Bound...
~By Sorez The Scribe
Motor's warm
Tank is full
Leathers worn
Moon lights the highway
Midnight ride to nowhere
Twisting the wick
To a hundred and five
Don't really care
If I highside
Pushing the envelope
Sirens echo
In the distance
Fading away
Heart pumping
Fifty weight oil
Through my veins
Can't outrun the past
But I can damn sure try




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