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       ~By SorezThe Scribe

   Lying on this hospital bed
   Unable to move much less walk
   I wonder why no one has called
   Today or yesterday
   The day before this sweetie called
   Said she'd come by but hasn't shown
   And I got nothing to do but wait around
   Lying on this hospital bed
   Are the good times over
   Has the party ended
   Or am I just not a part of it anymore
   Sure my family comes by
   But where's all my Bro's
   Aint no scooter people on this floor
   So I spend my days talking to myself
   And trying to sweet talk the nurses
   Flipping through pages of scooter rags
   Trying to come up with some verses
   I know I've been here
   For a very long time
   What's it been four or five months
   The doctors say I won't walk again
   But that doesn't mean I won't ride
   So as soon as I get out
   Of this hospital bed
   Just put me in my garage
   Just leave me by myself
   And my wrecked '45
   And soon I'll be in the wind


     The pain is so very real
     I go to sleep and dream
     That I am awake
     And in pain
     But I guess it's better
     Better than being numb
     And not feeling anything at all
     Yet awake or alseep
     The pain is so very real
     And I cannot shake it
     I cannot escape
     They told me to just lie back
     And not to fight it at all
     They told me
     There is nothing that can be done
     But I know no doubt
     That if you want something done
     Ya gotta do it yourself
     So I wake up every morning
     I wake up in sweat and pain
     And I go to that therapy room
     In that fuckin' wheelchair again
     Hoping to someday
     Walk out of this place
     Hoping someday
     To Ride away



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