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I Have Survived
~By Sorez The Scribe

Scarred for life
No doubt about that
Old enough now to realize
Why after all the bar fights
The baseball bats and
Broken bones home runs
Blood "E" Knuckles and scars
Lashing out towards others
For the pain engrained
Into my heart as a child
I understand now the why
I hurt others and then
Turned upon my self
Also realizing then
I dropped to my knees
One day I finally
Begged me to forgive
My self and then
Started out anew
Caring and sharing
Ebracing Light Given
Already knew that
God has Forgiven me
Many years ago
Past my sorrow
Reason I like to Ride
Upon a Harley is
Two Wheels and Open Roads
In the Wind and Freedom
Away from my past sorrows
I can truly feel
My self alive as
I throttle on knowing
I have survived beyond
My tortured past
Does not explain though
Why my heart is so closed
When all of of my life
All I have ever wanted
Is to be Justified and Loved
Maybe One Day
I will be able to
Let go of and be Loved
Right Now though
I realize I am not ready yet
May never be ready
To be Loved and

"You fucking piece of shit
When you raped and beat me
I was an innocent child
You Raped my soul
Molested my being
And scarred me for life
Maybe WHEN
I get the news
That you have died
I might be able
To live my Life
You piece of shit fucking prick
I will be sure to be there
To piss upon your grave."


The blood I shed
The Life I have taken
Away from you

Can I ever
My Self

For taking
You out away
From your child

As they buried you
Your daughter

In mommy's
Kelly cried




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