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         By Sorez The Scribe

     He took shit
     From no one
     Stood tall with pride
     Amongst the Brothers
     And Sisters of the Patch
     Respected and feared
     By the citizens
     Revered and admired
     By those who knew him well
     An outcast to society
     A man of deep conviction
     A truer friend one could not have
     A Righteous Brother
     Up until the end
     Of his life
     Jimmy Two Boots rode hard
     He rode fast and yet
     Was always in harmony
     With the wind
     Sixty plus years of riding
     And never once did he go down
     The road was good to him
     As the miles rode on
     Tried to retire his Patch
      More than a few years ago
      The Club would not have it
      And voted him a lifetime member
      Tells ya what kind of character
      Jimmy Two Boots possessed
      He took many a Prospect
      Under his wing over the years
      Many who are now longtime
      Members of our family
      Ride safe our Brother
      Ride free our friend
      On that highway
      Towards Biker Heaven

          By Sorez The Scribe

     Two wheels are a turning
     On down open roads
     Kick the shifter
     Twist the throttle
     Satisfies my soul
     The wind is a faithful mistress
     Who waited so patiently
     "I knew that you, would return.."
     She whispers in my ear
     Long time down
     From a two ton gun
     Many months to heal
     And many a part
     Had to be replaced
     Upon my steed of steel
     Yet here I am once again
     Traveling ever forward
     Enraptured in the winds embrace
     On two wheels and open roads

            By Sorez The Scribe

     Couldn't trust no doc
     To keep his mouth shut
     So they took me over to KT's
     I was bleeding bad
     And feeling faint
     Bro's had to carry me in
     By the time I got there
     I was halfway dead
     KT's concern is what saved me
     I had lead in my leg
     And a stab wound besides
     And we couldn't trust no MD
     So KT did what had to be done
     She stayed with me 'till I healed
     Brothers came by
     And when I was stronger
     KT took me aside
     She said, "This shit can't go on
     For too much longer
     If you keep living this way
     Sooner than you're expecting
     One of these days
     Brother you'll see your grave."
     KT said
     "I can see in your eyes
     And I get the vibe
     That there is more to your life
     Than just taking the fall
     'Cause it's the thing to do
     Out there on the road
     Bro I gotta tell you
     You've got my respect
     But please just go on your way
     And never darken my doorstep again
     Standing there halfway dead."



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