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~By Sorez

No way to change things
That have already happened
There's no turning back
The hands of time
No use complaining
Bout the way it has happened
You make your mistakes
And ya sometimes do right
So go on your way
As you go down that road
Do not be ashamed
Don't carry that load
Live for today
Leave tomorrow alone
As for yesterday
Just let it go

~Scribed By Sorez~

The cops they knocked
Upon my door
Said that they was looking for
An Outlaw Biker who lived right here
They flashed a warrant and came on in
I wondered what they was looking for
As they read me my rights
Right there from the card
They told me that I was under arrest
When I asked why they beat on me bad
As I lay there upon the floor
My black and blue eyes began to focus
I saw the warrant right there next to me
I snatched it up and began to read..
One Loner, Aloner, also known as Sorez
AKA Sorez the Scribe
Eddie Sorez known to be an
East New York one percenter..
..On the premises thereof searching for;
One typewriter and paper
One cross pen with refills
And any other paraphernalia
That might be lying about
And also be sure to make sure
That while apprehending the suspect
Both hands of the criminal are broken
So that the "Biker Poet" never writes again

~Sorez The Scribe~

The beggar on the corner
Had his hand out
Asking citizens for some change
As the bag lady's bag ripped
And her only possesions
Hit the concrete and rolled away
The cab driver laughed
As he sat at the light
Waiting for it to change
And elevators went up and down
All day long
Taking citizens from cage to cage
Down on the darkened subway platform
A mugger was getting shot
And the cop directing traffic above
Just got hit by a car
While out there on the road
Somewhere Brothers ride on
Dodging cagers all day long
Riding on into the night

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