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   You never saw a picture of me
   When I was eighteen
   Living the street scene
   In alleyways and on the road
   Back in that place called
   East New York
   You never saw that picture of me
   So I try to relate
   In just so many words
   What it was like for me
   To be eighteen
   You haven't seen that picture of me
   All leathered out
   Vest, jacket, gauntlets
   Chainbelt, bandana, feather earing
   Hair flowing, buck knife at my side
   Steel toed boots and an attitude
   If you looked at that picture of me now
   And asked why I have mellowed so much
   I'd tell you to look closely
   At that picture of a young man
   Standing there
   With bloodstained hands

 Reprinted here from Author seen in Outlaw Biker Magazine 1982



Bite The Bullet
By Sorez The Scribe

Bite the bullet
Swallow your pride
Lower your weapon
Stand aside
Step out of darkness
Into the light
Let this one live
To learn to be wise
Maybe one day
He'll do the same
Biting the bullet
Walking away
From a heartfilled with sorrow
Blood stained hands
Now bite the bullet
Unless confronted again



For recital with a Nj Hospital Biker toy run.

Santa Rode A Harley This Time
~By Sorez The Scribe

I asked Mommy and Daddy
Why they was scared
After all I have been through
These past few years
They tried to explain
The best way they could
That they truly love me
It was for my own good
Not to see Santa
Riding a Harley
This time this year
But Mommy and Daddy
I tried to explain
I have never seen Santa
Or his reindeer
And I may not be here
This time next year
Always was sleeping
Whenever he came
Set out milk and cookies
Before went to bed
Woke up with presents
Under our tree
So why can't I say thank you
For all he has did
Mommy and daddy
Would not sign consent
So I watched from the window
By my hospital bed
As Santa rode a Harley
This time this year
With hundreds of presents
For all of us kids
Than I saw mommy crying
In the parking lot
Saw daddy hugging
Santa Claus
And then,
And then I heard
A knock on my door
And then,
And then I SAW
Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!
Chris Cringle exclaimed!
My smile was grinning
From ear to ear
And Santa wiped
Away my tears
As I sat on his lap
He asked what did I want
I said only to thank you
Santa Claus
And my Mommy and Daddy
And all of your Harleys
And my mommy and daddy
Most of all



Past Deeds Done
By Sorez The Scribe

A lifetime of sorrow
Built upon
A solid foundation
Of mistrust
Brought in as a kid
Done deeds done
Then left to fend
For all by myself
All the while
Being watched
Not cared about
Just watched to see
Who I would turn to
Do your eyes see me now
Blind Ones
I never dimed
Never spoke to the Feds
Never mentioned
Past deeds done
Never touched
Crystal again
Living my lifes time
Filled with sorrow
Regretting Bloody Knuckles
Past Deeds Done


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