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Eddie Sorez, ~AKA~ Sorez the Scribe,
~Biker Poet~


Born in Brooklyn New York in 1961, Eddie (Sorez) Pliska picked up
the very first issue of EasyRider magazine at the tender age of ten
and fell in love with the Biker lifestyle. At thirteen he bought
his first Harley. The Italian import 500cc on/off road model.
Bought it for five hundred bucks and walked it home ten miles away.
Since it in no way could even start on it's own. He spent a few
days figuring out the wiring problems and then fired it up and
throttled up and down the paths of Conduit Boulevard on the greens,
in Brooklyn New York. In between the highways of cagers passing by.

He wound up quitting high school being more high than schooled. His
early years of being taught came from the street. Involved in the
street scene he aquired status with a street Patch. In the
ClubHouse he found family and frienship. Some who are to this very
day his Brothers and Friends after thirty plus years now. When
Sorez quit high school, he remembers and attributes his carreer as
a Scribe to one caring teacher who said to him, "Do Not Ever Give
Up Writing, One Day Your Works Shall Be Read".

She must have been a Sage. Because to this very day, the works of
Sorez The Scribe are still being read. Online and in magazines. His
first ever Published Poem was in Outlaw Biker Magazine back in '82.
In '85 he hit the pages of EasyRider. Their Twenty-Five Anniversary
Issue. Outlaw kept him on for more than a few years and Sorez
almost snagged a book deal with then assistant editor Sundance.
After talking to Casey, then Editor in Chief, found out Sundance
was gone from the magazine, and the deal wash squashed.

That did not in any way dismay Sorez. He kept on riding and
writing. Having hundreds of Scribes and thousands of miles under
his belt he continued on Scribing. Heartfelt words towards the
Brotherhood he cared about. To this very day he still cares about.
Many of his works face the battle that our Brotherhood still
confronts. Respect, disrespect, territory, Rico and the Feds.
Religion and politics. In conversation don't get him kiskstarted
regarding cops. Sorez respected as an Independant has turned down
more than one offer to Prospect. Not for lack of wanting to be,
rather for staying true to his craft as an observerer. Inside from
the outside observations shared.

At sixteen years of age, Sorez purchased a 1969 Triumph Boneville
basketcase. Only thing original he kept from the purchase was the
motor and front frame section. Every week for the next year he used
most of his paycheck to rebuild his Trumpet from the ground up.
Working in a machine shop at the time, parts he could not locate he
made.Wrenching seemed to come naturally to Sorez. With a little
help from Chiltons' of course.

Sorez rode that hardtail chopped solo ride, affectionately named
"Bonnie", for more than a few years. Until that fateful day when a
cager took her out right from underneath him and sent Sorez flying
through the air as if he had wings. He healed up soon enough, but
his beloved Trumpet was totalled. Relagated to status of basketcase
once again, Sorez sold it and bought a Sporty that needed a hell of
alot of work to make it roadworthy.

All those years in the wind gave Sorez much to write about. So when
Outlaw Biker magazine hit the newstand, he jumped at the opprtunity
to subimt his Biker Poetry. Headstrong beyond the pink slips, many
of his Scribes found their way through. And for a few years his
work was regularly seen within Outlaws' covers as Sorez The Scribe.
At the time, not being paid for his contributions did not matter to
Eddie Sorez. He had established himself as a legitimate Biker Poet.

Thousands of miles and many Rides later, Sorez found himself
volunteering for a handicapped childrens' sports league in Southern
New Jersey. From 1998-2001, he wrote their monthly newsletter. In
the capacity of Editor, Publisher, Reporter, Photographer and even
printer. He also licked many stamps insuring the issues went out on
time as scheduled. And also participated in many radio and
television interviews promoting the organization. Eddie Sorez was
awarded a plaque from the Township and the "Buddy Ball" Sports
League for his sincere effort for, "Allowing all children, no
matter their abilities, to participate in sports..."

In 2002, Thunder Roads published his work titled, "The Day They
Outlawed All Bikers" hardcopy. After that, downtime hit Sorez
bigtime. His popular Biker Poetry website crashed and burned. He
lost his license and Ride. And his Ol' lady died in his arms. All
in the same year. Things got so bad, Sorez found himself in a
padded room. Few heard from him after his escape. That is up until
now. Sorez surfaced on the East coast once again. Scribing again,
stronger than ever before. Recently he has been chosen as the House
Poet for VTwin Biker.com. Some of his past and current works can be
seen upon that righteous site. Sorez sends thanks and respect out
to Q-Ball for that honor.

With legal battles behind him, and financial concerns being
addressed, Sorez the Scribe is optimistic towards this coming New
Year. Soon to be back where he belongs. On Two Wheels and Open
Roads. The Wind his Mistress, his Muse, waiting patiently for his

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Many Moons Ago
~By Sorez The Scribe

You reminded me now
Not only of our few moments
The time we spent well together
You remind me of my now being
Most importantly how dark
I would be towards my self knowing
I had to see and realize the light within
My True and Righteous Biker being
You knew how I would try to
Take out a few "others" and then
Try my best to take myself out away
Way out there and locked up again
From the inside out you knew
I would finally find myself
One day soon, in "there"
Once again not so proud but
Fought off seven guards
Two of them were Dark
Went after them first
Held down no lnonger
I was let go of
White Lighters realeased me
My Elfin' Friend blessed my being
Many Moons Ago
Taught me how to heal
Others and my self
Being me in now
Blaze touched my soul
And taught me well
To be who I am meant to be
In my now I Am
Eddie Sorez
Sorez The Scribe
Living in the now
Meant to Be
The Righteous Brother
I never saw in my mirror
Before, Until Now...

(Dedicated towards Blaze Elliott, Truly a Righteous Biker, Sister, and


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