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Spiked Heels
by Sorez the Scribe

There are two mistresses
One I long for other
I do not yet there are two
Horses I have ridden
In my lifes time knowing
The difference between
Watching the cat fights
For my soul battling
They fought hard they both
Lost me during I
Walked away from them
Not tall and proud I
Just walked away did not
Ride off into the sunsets horizon
I did not settle for less
Than deserved and just
Gave up on all even myself
Tried to cut my losses tried
Now here they are once again
Fighting for my unworthy soul
Mistress heroin and mistress wind
Spiked heels fighting
For once again
Winner takes all away


Carry On
~By Sorez The Scribe

Don't be dumb
Like me
Stay away from
Take the high road
Not the low down
Don't grow up
Much like me
Never settle for less
Always strive towards
And achieve your goals
Don't be like me
Be yourself
Never forget yet
Carry on my son


His Life
~By Sorez

Brewester lived to ride
It's all he ever knew
Even as a child
He chopped his bicycle
Learned to weld
At the age of twelve
A master wrench
He did become
By the age of twenty one
All was good in Brewsters life
Until that day he took a wife
A living hell his life became
Found himself in jail one day
One by one things started to fall
In a blink of an eye all was gone
Gone was his wife gone were his kids
Gone his house gone his job
Lost his license his right to ride
Even gone were his bikes
He even tried to take his life
Because of her all was lost
Mostly gone was his hope
Found himself in a padded room
Jack and Jim were his only friends
And empty bottles littered his past
In the gutter is where he found himself
Decided it was time to rebuild his life
With the clothes on his back and a handful of tools
He found a job in his neighborhood
Saved up his pennies quarters and dimes
Tens and twenties ones and fives
Bought himself a basketcase bike
And finally began
To rebuild his life

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