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The Biker Sorez and The Gypsy Dove

~By Eddie Sorez and Sheila Powell~

Knowing our love is True
Our first night together
We got naked
I laid my head down
Upon your warm breasts
Heard you Heart beating
And then
I started to cry
As you held me
Close towards your heart

You felt the warmth
Of my tears as they flowed
Down towards
Your belly button
And then
You reached down
With a loving hand
A gentle finger
You captured
And tasted my tears

We kissed
Looking into
Each others eyes
Our love
Is truly naked

Towards each other
Now towards
Our selves
Our naked bodies
And then
I felt your tears
As I held you
Your head
Upon my shoulder

Your warm tears of sorrow
Flowing from your Being
Found their way
Into my heart
Spending our First
Night together
Truly Naked
Who would have thought
That the Biker and the Gypsy
Would fall in Love this way

Let's stop hurting each other
Just to try and push away
The feelings that are growing between us,
Ever stronger, day by day.

We feel that we are not deserving
Of the care and the love
That we both feel so deeply;
The Biker Sorez and the Gypsy Dove.

And so instead we lash out,
Or into the darkness we retreat.
You see that is so much easier
Than allowing our souls to meet.

How long must we punish ourselves
For the things we think we have done?
Because if this continues,
Our demons have, beyond doubt, won.

I am not a very good loser.
Not to demons and darkness anyway,
So lets pull each other out
into the brightness of the day.

I am reaching out to you,
With my arm fully extended.
My heart is pounding rapidly,
Can our suffering just be ended?

No more feeling unworthy,
Insignificant, unloved or unwanted;
Nor retreating into darkness
With our very essence being haunted,

Please just take my hand now
And let us save each other,
Then do what we were meant to do:
Simply love one another

And ride on together

©Shelia Powell & Eddie Sorez




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