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~By Sorez The Scribe

The kid on the corner
In the wheelchair
Would always smile and wave
Whenever I would ride by
I would nod my head
Acknowledging him with respect
Seemed like he was always there
Sitting alone in that chair
In his front yard just waiting
For me to pass by on my ride
Went on for weeks then months
And then one day
The kid on the corner
In the wheelchair
Was gone from his yard
Probably watching television
Or taking a nap
I thought to myself
But after a few weeks
Curiousity got the best of me
I had to stop by that house
On the corner and knock upon
His parents were not shocked
When they answered the door
"Hello, Williams been waiting for you.."
I was the one surprised
"..Come on in, he's in his room."
I noticed the wheelchair empty
In the corner of the living room
As I walked down the hall
I heard Steppenwolf playing
From behind his closed door
I knocked then heard the kids voice
"Come on in Bro.."
I opened the door and was amazed
The kids room looked like mine
A flashback from my youth
Harley posters everywhere
Stacks of biker mags on the floor
And born to be wild
Playing in the background
"..The docs took off my right leg
A few weeks ago but I'm ok
I'll survive, I'll ride to live
And live to ride."
The kid smiled and extended his hand
As I shook it I said,
"I know you will my Brother
I know you, Will.



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Check Out Our New
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