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          By Sorez the Scribe

     I chose this way of life
     A long long time ago
     And once I even tried
     To walk away from it all
     But after many years
     And after many miles
     After all the roadrash
     And the toothless smiles
     I chose this way of life
     The life of a scooter tramp
     I chose to ride amongst Brothers
     The Two Wheel Pilots
     Of this land
     I look at myself
     In my mirror every day
     And I dig on seeing
     Places that I've been
     Also dig the looks
     That are so plain to see
     That all those fuckin' citizens
     Dare to give to me

         By Sorez the Scribe

   You never saw a picture of me
   When I was eighteen
   Living the street scene
   In alleyways and on the road
   Back in that place called
   East New York
   You never saw that picture of me
   So I try to relate
   In just so many words
   What it was like for me
   To be eighteen
   You haven't seen that picture of me
   All leathered out
   Vest, jacket, gauntlets
   Chainbelt, bandana, feather earing
   Hair flowing, buck knife at my side
   Steel toed boots and an attitude
   If you looked at that picture of me now
   And asked why I have mellowed so much
   I'd tell you to look closely
   At that picture of a young man
   Standing there
   With bloodstained hands

(Given Respect towards Outlaw Biker Magazine for Publishing this work~1985)

       BY Sorez the Scribe

      It's time to go
      Down the road
      To where I don't know
      The time has come
      For me to be free
      To go down the road
      The way it should be
      Finally time to
      Ride those highways
      To find myself
      And Live my life
      It's time to get away
      Time to ride
      So let go of me now
      It's getaway time

         Scribed By Sorez

     Don't slow down now Bro
     There's still some miles to go
     I know that you're tired
     From all you've been through
     But ya can't slow down now Bro
     You're more than halfway there
     Go for it Prospect
     Earn that Patch!


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