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A Tale Of Two Boots


Above new Chippewas left, old Redwings right.

  If ever there was a boot that stood for the American Biker, it is the engineer boot. They are tough, good looking, and particle. A good pair of heavy oil tanned boots are virtually indestructible, & water proof. Iíve been wearing engineer boots ever since I was a JD in junior high. My first pair came from Sears Roebuck & Company, and were made by Chippewa. It seems Chippewa produced the original engineer boot around 1943. My dad was probably wearing a pair when he had a twinkle in his eye. And the rest is the rap sheet of my life.


  Over the years I went back and forth between Chippewas, and Red Wing. Both are great boots, and both were made in the USA. I really didnít have much of a preference, it was what was available, fit my big fat feet, or who was having a sale. Mostly it was my big fat feet that needed some special fitting. My newest boots are Chippewa, though I had just bought a pair of Red Wings??? What had happened was, after stopping in my local Red Wing Dealer who didnít have size 12 extra fat foot, he ordered me a pair. Upon the boots arrival he and I had a rude awakening. The new label inside read Made In China. So, I sent them back.


Last of the Red Wing USA labels, now Made In China.

  It seems since my last pair of Red Wings the company decided to send all their biker boot production over to China. They still make all their work boots in the USA at present. This was news to both my local red wing shop and me. And a bit strange considering what red blooded American bikers are all about. Besides all the health issue scares coming out of China, Iíd rather my fellow Americans be gainfully employed, than pay for their unemployment.

  As it turns out, our good friends at Fox Creek Leather now caries Made in the USA Chippewa Boots, along with all their other fine USA made leather jackets, chaps, vests, saddle bags, and much more. They even have the best leather care products to make your investment last for years. What makes Fox Creek Leather even more special is they are down home, Southwestern Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountain folk who treat you like family. Their customer testimonials, and business practices are the best out there. Their prices are great when you consider the quality you receive. In fact a pair of Chippewas are less than a special ordered pair of Made In China you know whoís boots. Your choice keep America strong or learn a third world language.

  Once again this is a no bull, real live testimonial. Funny how the bikerís world keeps you honest, or shuts you down. Tell em Q-Ball sent you, or buy through one of my links. I too want to be gainfully employed.

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