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Respect Honor Freedom

Below is what I try to live by. Notice I said try. Iím not perfect. I also believe that for every right there is a responsibility attached.

Respect all . This includes yourself. If you want respect, then you have to show it. If you canít respect folks, avoid them, and leave them alone. If they wonít respect you,  then deal with it.

Honor all. When someone gives of themselves selflessly to you, you have to honor them. Honor your creator, and their creations. Honor all who have served our country in any capacity, this includes veterans, public officials, and volunteers. If you donít like what they are doing, then get off you ass, and work to change the situation.

Freedom for all. We should live our lives free of all tyranny. This includes religion, and political. We do not have the right to infringe on otherís freedom. If your freedom is  important to you, then you have the responsibility of fighting for freedom. Freedom aint free, and part of the price tag is to respect, & honor others.


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If you want respect, then give respect.

Your opinions are import. Please sign our guest book.


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