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Some of you may have seen the video linked below.


   Facts are not all the still photos in the video are mine, allot are mine, most of the good ones are mine. The person who put the video together did not ask for my permission to use them.  They like all my work are copyrighted. If he, or anyone else out there doesnít understand this, then look it up.

   Outlaws, and one percenters understand the meaning of personal property, and respect it. They know what hard work Iíve put into my photos, not to mention the 30 plus years of building a working relations with them. So when along comes someone who calls themselves a photographer, and uses my work, does not ask permission, or even give me credit, it creates a real bad situation.

   In fact, it was the President on a major one percent club who gave me the heads up on this situation. For that I thank him, and all my friends who look out for me. I have their permission to photograph them, and publish the photos, you donít. Folks get real freaky when this shit happens, and lawyers get rich from this kind of mindless borrowing. Just ask some of those who have wandered it to this waist land

   I give respect, and I expect respect. Do Not Steal My Photos, and I promise not to put you in a vise. If you want to use my work, ask, you may find me cooperative. If you have stolen my work, apologize, and make amends before I find out. Remember you are pissing off allot of folks, and the sun never sets on the bikerís world.








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All Doug Barber a.k.a. Q-Ball photographs are copyrighted. This entire site, and everything on it is copyrighted. You may not reproduce anything on this site in part or whole without written permission. You will be fined up to $15,000.00 per image used without written permission. That goes for you, and the freaking government also. If you want respect, then give respect.

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