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We are a team of motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals with years of experience in V twin engine units. We will recommend, help, educate, train and advise you regarding anything related to this engine.

Our experts are thoroughly educated in this field. Our trainers are known on the market as some of the most prolific riders. You can leave yourself in good hands, regardless of your experience level.


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These guys took me from zero and turned me into a prolific rider. Literally. The only thing I knew was the fact that I wanted a V twin engine bike. They took care of everything else. Thanks a lot!

Steve McCain
Rescue Team Member

I wasn't new to bikes, but I was a bit undecided about the V twin engine bike after some negative experiences. My trainer put me back on track and showed me the amazing part of this experience.

Wendy Mahon
Motorcycle Photographer

I was already familiar with V twin bikes, yet I needed a place to buy one. I wanted to be a reliable seller and a well conditioned bike. I couldn't recommend this place more – excellent service.

Barry Thompson
TV Presenter

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Physical Benefits of Riding


Riding a powerful V twin engine motorcycle on a regular basis counts as a neck exercise as well and will improve your strength. To some people, neck strength may seem irrelevant. To others, it is a life saver. If you suffer from neck problems or upper back pains, riding a motorcycle is literally a form of therapy. Obviously, you need to ensure that the bike fits you perfectly. If you have to crane or strain the neck while riding, effects will be different – less likely to help you out.

Whether you ride for a couple of hours to enjoy the scenery or you simply ride downtown to the grocery store, a powerful V twin engine motorcycle will boost your core strength. It is one of the main benefits of riding a powerful motorcycle. How come? Easy. You basically perform a workout while keeping still on the bike. Count the wind as well and the resistance will add to your overall workout. Most people do not realize it, but it is an actual exercise.

Even maintaining the right posture will add to your workout. It improves the muscular tone around your core, not to mention keeping your whole body in good shape. The best part about such a workout is the fact that it counts as a low impact exercise. In other words, you might feel tired, but you will not experience any pain or discomfort.