A business becomes successful only if the companies meet the demands of their customers. For this, they should have enough storage space so that they could store the required goods and operate efficiently. But increasing storage area could be very expensive and it will consume time as well. To get rid of this problem, you can use a pallet racking system and can do the extension of your storage space. Pallet rack is a kind of storage system that is designed to store materials making the best use of the space.

Calculating the capacity of the pallet using some general equations:

  • Beam capacity: Take the pallet having the heaviest weight and then multiply it with the number of pallets per level. Suppose you are having maximum pallet weight of 1000 pound and two pallets at each level, then you require 2000 pound capacity at each level. Thus, it gives you an estimated capacity.
  • Pallet frame capacity: For this, you will have to measure the vertical beam having maximum spacing. Do the measurement from the top level of one beam to the top level of the next beam. Suppose your high beam is 5inch and the distance between the beams is 50inches then the vertical spacing of the beam is 60inch and capacity of the frame will be 60”.


Capitalize on square footage: These racks enable you to store the materials vertically and you can keep the pallet bays one above the other. The height of this racking system depends on various variables like product’s weight, the reach of pallet movers and height of the warehouses. If you have added vertical storage in your warehouse you can easily multiply the storage capacity of the system. If the pallets can be stacked high or pack short, it means your system has the ability that it can fit in any required pallet size.

Bulk storage needs: Several racking systems are there that enable you to store product SKUs of high density. It includes push back, pallet flow, drive-in or drive-out, etc. These are required when the inventory needs of the warehouses are very complex. The racking system that provides more storage space is drive-in and drive-out racking system.

Complete customization option: Different warehouses have different requirements. So, there are varieties of options in rack system so that you can easily customize your warehouse according to your specific needs. Thus, you can implement different types of pallet racking systems in your warehouses.

Increased profit: It increases the storage area within the square footage so that you don’t have to spend money on taking the storage space on rent. You can easily track the inventory control system in a better way thus it helps you to eliminate lost pallets or the pallets that are left after their expiration date. It keeps your warehouse organized so the workers can go from one pallet bay to other pallet bay with ease. Therefore, the workers will not waste time in searching for the materials they want. Thus, it will enable them to do their work efficiently and it will increase the profit of the company.