Now the internet isn’t considered as a luxurious thing, rather it has turned into an indispensable necessity as people spend considerable hours over the net. Individuals of every age group have started to use the internet extensively either for their commercial use, studies or for pleasure. In a house, one of the most effective ways to get unhindered internet is through a WI-FI. This allows you ease in connecting laptops, mobiles and tablets and you can even roam freely around the house. Contrary to this, in some cases, people do notice a weak or no signal. In such cases, wireless wifi extender plays a great role.

How WIFI extender makes you get great speed?

Dual-Band and area coverage 

Most of the wireless extenders resemble a wireless router in the manner they function. Here you will get not one but two bandwidth viz. 5 or 2.4 GHz, thus you can rely more on the product, as you will get a staggering speed of 300 Mbps and 850 Mbps with 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies.

Wireless extenders also work on automated syncing of the device with the network, thus you can easily move around the house without losing your downloading or uploading speed. When you place extenders inside your house, they provide coverage around 900 meters square which will cover every place inside your residence.


Most of the wireless extenders come with sophisticated antennas or amplifiers with which you can extend the signal of your WI-FI. These antennas can be moved in any direction. This will allow you to send a signal towards a particular direction and in return, dead zones around your place can be targeted with a great deal of ease.

How to know whether you need extenders or boosters?

The main working of a booster simply amplifies the signal of your wireless network. This way, you can easily raise the intensity of weak signals. Contrary to this, wireless extenders take the primary signal from the access point, and then it re-broadcasts that signal for the creation of the second network. Wireless extenders are also called as repeaters which create the second network from the first so that you can access the internet from any place inside the house. For an extender to catch radio waves effectively, it is necessary to place it at the location where you receive the strongest signal. This way they will rebroadcast it effectively.

How to make the most out of the wireless extender?

After you install an extender inside your house, it is very essential to check for its proper working. In most of the cases, you are required to place certain equipment like an electric oven or a baby monitor away from the extender. Both these devices erupt radio waves which can come in contact with the product and you might not be able to get a proper signal.

Lastly, you must feed the correct credentials. For this, it is mandatory to seek that input of extender and router settings match with each other and are working in sync. Moreover, you should also see that the correct password has been entered by you for the wireless network.