Clearing LSAT exam can brighten your law career giving you access to great opportunities in the future. This exam is of 4 hours and is not that easy. People prepare for this exam day and night solving logical problems and working on other aspects that would help them to clear the exam. Many coaching centers train the students and prepare them for this exam. Jon is one of the best tutors that you can go for and rely upon for your exam preparation. You can also take online LSAT daily tests to practice more for each topic. Some of the tips to study for the LSAT exam are:

  • Study plan – make a proper study plan that is suitable for you to follow and stick to it. You should start preparing for LSAT 2 to 3 months before the exam. The early study will clear out all the doubts at the early stage and you can give each topic enough time to understand it properly. Give at least 3 to 4 hours daily for studying as the logical and comprehensive part takes much time.
  • Study materials – go for the best preparation books that are available in the market. These books contain key solutions attached to it. You can practice the questions and then look for the answers from the key solutions to find the errors if done. Learning from the mistakes can help you in the future and you will not make that mistake again. Practice the unsolved sample papers and previous years question paper as few questions always strike in the upcoming exam paper.
  • Full-length test – going for the online full-length test will make you prepare for the exam day. Keep up with the timings and monitor yourself that how much time you are spending on each question. Try solving them faster with the daily practice. These online sample tests are free and you can practice them whenever you want. Practicing a full-length test will make you familiar with the exam pattern and time management.
  • Cover weak areas – if you are weak in a certain topic, you should not ignore it. Avoiding that topic is not going to give you a better score instead of giving that topic extra time will help you to understand it in a better manner. Many students are weak at reasoning. As this topic covers the half syllabus, it is important to clear the basics of reasoning. Give more time to reasoning questions and try to practice different types of problems based on a similar topic to make it clear. Making your base strong in the logical reasoning will automatically increase your score in the exam.
  • Last day preparation – be relaxed and calm yourself with some good music. After good preparation, you don’t have to worry or be nervous about the exam. Being nervous can ruin the result too. Practice a few objective questions and go through the basics on the last day. Don’t pressure yourself much and get enough sleep at night so that you can perform the best.