With the advent of the internet, artists get an opportunity to showcase their creativity to a wider audience in small time duration. Due to this, they are under a lot of pressure to create excellent projects with respect to others in the field of their expertise. If you are an aspiring artist and want to quickly produce the finest projects and earn more customers and fame then it is recommended to purchase body kun and body chan figurines.

How these figurines will help a game designer?

In case you are a game developer for Android and iOS platforms, these figures will provide you a great deal of assistance in accomplishing the target quickly. A game designer can place these figures in different poses and click excellent photographs which then can be transferred to a personal computer. Then with the help of designing software, you can effectively texture their bodies with different colors and shades. The texture and body contouring of these figurines are so surreal that you don’t have to do much editing.

Steps to draw manga girl

The chan figurine will provide you guidance in drawing a manga girl figure on a piece of paper. This figure is more sinuous in comparison to kun figure. First, you have to place the figure in front of you and have to draw its outline on a piece of paper. While making the torso and shoulders, make sure not to sharpen them and try to give them curvy shape. This will help you to get a genuine figure. While making the chest take more reference from the figurine as it has similar contouring as to that of a human figure.

This figurine is also considered ideal to take a basic outline for manga girl’s face. The space for eyes on the skull region is around three-quarter of the whole facial region and you have to draw nose and mouth at quarter to the facial area.

Things to consider while making mouth and hair of manga girl

While you are making the lips give more importance to their overall length. Manga’s lips are drawn for male characters. In case you want to make a seductive character for the game or comics, it is recommended to make fuller and longer lips. When you are trying to make a cupid curve then make sure that its angle isn’t acute. To provide a natural look to the draw, carve the lips with a slight bow on top.

Before you start to draw the hairs of manga girl, outline her facial features first. This will give you an idea about how curvy the hairs should be. If you are planning to develop a character with long and wavy hairstyle then it is advised to draw facial features in such a manner that they seem as if covered by her hair.

Tricks to draw the nose

The nose of manga figurines is too simple to carve on their face. There are different styles with which you can draw the nose of a character. Remember that it is very essential to change the style with which you draw nose when you are planning to make your characters attain different facial gestures.