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We conduct multiple programs for all experience levels. It makes no difference if you are completely new or you already have some experience. Furthermore, our programs include training competitions, award competitions and all kinds of shows. We have multiple locations as well, so it makes no difference where you are. You will always be next to us. Simply get in touch for more details about our future programs.

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To some, we might look like a bike store. We do that. To others, we look like a team of trainers for newbie enthusiasts. We do that too. To others, we plan events and organize competitions. We do that as well. To everyone else, we are a club – a club that is open to everyone who wants to taste the real power of a V twin engine bike. Anyone can join us. Your experience is irrelevant, we will take care of that. Not having a bike is not a problem either, as we will help you choose one and even introduce you to our store.

What a Powerful V Twin Engine Can Do

for You

No matter what kind of thigh or knee issues you have, chances are riding a motorcycle will feel like therapy. You have to constantly use these parts of your body, but you do not have to strain them. The V twin engine is narrow, so it gives you even more control over the movement, as it fits better between your knees. With time, you will add some muscle and clear pains away.

Even the motorcycle passenger can burn up to 50 calories in half an hour. On another note, it adds to your insulin sensitivity, which inevitably adds to the efficiency of your metabolism.

When you think about V twin engines, you imagine cruisers, a specific noise and lots of torque.

True, but did you know that riding such a powerful bike brings in plenty of other benefits too? In fact, a V twin engine motorcycle comes with a series of healthy advantages, from improving neck strength and core stability to your mental outlook. The physical benefits go further than that though. Given the narrow profile of this bike, it has multiple benefits over your knees and thighs too.

It may sound funny, but riding a powerful V twin engine motorcycle will help you lose weight. Have you ever imagined that riding a motorcycle could be a form of exercise to burn fat? It sounds hard to believe, but think about it – riding implies making an effort. It is not like driving a car. 

No matter what your goals are, our experts will help you achieve them.

We represent an amalgam of opportunities for anyone who has at least one thing in common with a V twin engine bike – be it the passion, a bike, some experience, future goals, competition awards or past experiences. Simply get in touch and find out what we can do for you.