The BMX bike is getting popular among teenagers as well as adults. This is an off-road sports bike which is used for stunt riding and racing. These bikes enhance your cardiovascular fitness and enable your body to breathe more efficiently, thus it helps you to tackle your everyday activities. The best BMX bikes available are available in different types and one can get them as per their needs like for racing, doing stunts, dirt biking etc.

There are mainly three types of BMX bikes: 

  • True BMX: These bikes are designed mainly for racing over jumps. Their body frame is lightweight, tires are knobby and rear brake is very strong.
  • Freestyle:These bikes are used for doing stunts so they are known as tricky bikes. It is the best choice if you have to go to school, pools, stores, etc. It has ultra-beefy wheels and frames, cable detangling headset, axel pegs, pavement ready tires, etc.
  • Dirt jumper: These bikes are a combination of BMX and freestyle bikes. Its wheels and frames are sturdy, have rear brakes and knobby tires. It is used for jumping ramps and carving local trails.

Few things that make BMX an ultimate trick bike:

  • Lightweight build: Its tube size is 20inch which is a perfect size for the cyclists to do stunts. Due to the small frame, the weight of the bike reduces to half and it can swing 360 degree in the mid-air without any damage. The other reason for being lightweight is that its frame is made up of chromium steel alloy and aluminum. Both of these materials are very strong and have extremely lightweight.
  • Strong durability: These bikes can bear harsh situations and remain functional. The material used in this bike is molybdenum steel alloy which is strong as well as light-weighted. Thus, it makes it an ideal stunt bike. The rims of the bikes are powerfully-built which increases its durability. As these bikes are designed for pavement so they don’t require a lot of grips, therefore, the patterns of the tire are very smooth which requires less friction to spin on the ground.
  • Fewer components: These bikes don’t require efficient pedaling. There is no need for free-wheel assembly which is useful for performing stunts. This enables you to backpedal for going in the reverse direction. Reducing extra components make them lighter and faster. As there are fewer components, the risk of falling while doing the stunt is also reduced. Fewer gears are present in this bike but the ratio between rear pinion and main gear can vary like for street riding this bike should have the ratio of 25:8 and for trail biking, it should be 36:18.
  • Typical use of brakes: If you are riding this bike it reduces the use of brakes. The cyclists have to use their foot on the rear wheels as it provides friction to stop the bike. Sometimes you can remove them because a lot of spinning is involved while riding this bike.