Who doesn’t love to visit a beach party or camping with his or her friends? Though both of these endeavors seem to provide a great deal of entertainment to people, it is very essential to keep an eye on your belongings. Most of the time people lose their handset when they visit a beach party which can create a great deal of nuisance for them in the future. Most of the hackers have started to prey on smartphones as they contain private and confidential information of an owner.

Ways with which a lost mobile can be found out

In case you have recently lost your mobile device then it is very essential to take the services of handy orten kostenlos as it will give you the exact location of your device. You get a chance to find your device with two different modes viz. GSM and WI-FI.

Using wireless connectivity

During the process of finding your lost iOS as well as Android mobile device through WI-FI connection, the network exchanges a few files, just like cookies are shared with the personal computer when a web portal is visited by you. Similarly, the WI-FI network keeps storage of these files as well as it makes content to get released. Thus, proper detection of your smartphone will take place.

Through GSM processing

Unlike SPS, GSM signal will provide you an upper hand in locating your mobile device when it gets lost. In most of the cases, there is a possibility that your lost mobile device gets in the hands of a third party individual who can cause harm to it.

GSM tracking of mobile is done without the help of traditional location detection process where the signal of lost mobile devices which are connected to a mobile tower is tracked. When you acquire this service, there is nothing to fret about since it is 100% legal and your exclusive data will not be compromised.


This is the service which you can acquire in case your iPhone got lost. In the initial stage, you are required to open icloud.com/find from any other iOS device or personal computer. Then you have to find the device you were using and see its location on the map. One can also click the lost mode facility which allows you to safely lock your device in case it is far away from your location.

In case you feel that someone has stolen your device and can crack open the security lock then iCloud service also provides you an opportunity to erase selected or all the data from your mobile device. Here you get an opportunity to erase data regarding credit information, prepaid cards, images, videos, text, etc.

Steps you need to take if you can’t access your iOS device

In case you can’t enable your missing device through iCloud, it is very essential to change the ID, password of Apple. Thus, you can effectively prevent a perpetrator from accessing your mobile phone and it also blocks the messaging services on your device.