Buying a new trolling motor becomes challenging as there are a lot many options that are available in the market.  Depending on the purpose for which you need it as per that you can explore various options online along with going through the specifications of different motors. If you have never owned a trolling motor earlier, then it is important to spend some time in research before making any decision.

The motors that are available in today’s time are easy to install in all types of craft. The only thing that you have to decide is the motor that will suit your boating needs in a better way. The best electric trolling motor can also increase the efficiency of your craft and make you use it in an efficient manner.

These motors are used by fishermen as they help them to have normal access even to the hot spots. Leisure boaters also like the idea of using this motor.

Points to consider while buying it:

Environment: The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the place where you will end up using the motor- in freshwater or in salt water? It is not possible to use fresh water motor in the salt water. If you live near to the coast area, then you can use salt water motor, in the case of lakes and rivers, you can use it in fresh water.

The saltwater motors come with the feature of corrosion resistant as they have to work in the harsh conditions and they cost a little high.

Choice of mount:  The type of boat and the size of the boat will help you decide that you need a bow mount or a transom trolling motor. In case of a small craft that in just under 14 foot, the best option will be to fix the motor in the transom. For the purpose of using in bigger boats, you will need a bow mount.

Thrust: The power that is required for the purpose of moving the boat is something that matters the most. If you don’t have a proper thrust, it will not take your boat anywhere in rough conditions. As there are so many factors that will have an influence on the performance of the boat, this is why it is essential to buy the thrust that will be overpowered for the boat. The bigger motor will also require more batteries.

Length of the shaft: The propeller will not get the proper bite in water if the shaft is short, in case it is too long, then it will create a problem in the shallow areas as it will hit the bottom.

Controls: The trolling motors are foot steered or hand steered. Foot steer is the best choice for bow mount motor and it is also one of the most popular methods. It is also possible to steer the boat electronically with the use of features such as GPS Pilot, autopilot, and co-pilot.